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10 Great Reasons to visit


Great parking

Easy booking and payment system

Home visits available

Friendly, professional staff

Efficient, personal service

Specialised treatment in personalised orthotics

Quality Care

Beautiful, modern facilities in historical setting

Meet Bubbles, our team mascot!

Principal Podiatrist Stephen Hurley


 General foot care

Nail Surgery

Diabetic foot risk assessment & management

Comfort foot wear

Biomechanical assessment and custom orthotic therapy

Sports injury treatment

Paediatric problems

About us


Why come to see us? Why are we passionate about what we do? Why have we been so long on the coast and have gained such a long standing reputation for our family service............

"I am very good at the nuts and bolts, hands on stuff. I am particularly good at in grown toe nails and the fabrication of chair side devices (pain in the feet is commonly caused by pressure on a particular spot….I can make things to deflect this pressure, relieving the pain)…I am very gentle in my technique and particularly fussy about completing the job to a very high standard. I'm a good communicator and really do listen to what all the elderly women are telling me, treating them with respect and doing my best to comply with their wishes…its their body!

I see my nursing background as something that distinguishes me from other podiatrists in a very tangible way. My sense of touch and caring holistic attitude to health.…good for relating with our typical patient…there is a strong sense of relationship that comes with any/all our consultations."

Historical Building
Great range of footwear
Professional Service
Modern Premises
Excellent facilities
Friendly staff