Our Staff

Stephen Hurley
Principal Podiatrist


Stephen has been practising for

over 21 years and I see my nursing background as something that distinguishes me from other podiatrists in a very tangible way. My sense of touch and caring holistic attitude to health.…good for relating with our typical patient…there is a strong sense of relationship that comes with any/all our consultations."

Stephen Hurley
Carolyn podiatrist


Before studying Podiatry as a mature age student I have done just about everything, including singing in Jesus Christ Superstar and being a local postal contractor.

I have truly found my passion in Podiatry. It is such a rewarding profession and I just love going to work. I am enthused to be working at Kincumber Podiatry with such a great team. My area of special interest is wound care. And, by the way, I love a chat.

Bubbles - KP dog
Team Mascot!


I am the “brains” of this place of course.

I do all of my best work asleep.

Try not to trip over me as I have a tendency to sleep in thoroughfares.

I love back rubs and tummy scratches.

Please feel free to bring me in doggie treats.