General Treatment

A standard podiatry consultation will involve the cutting and filing of toe nails and removal of excessive thick skin and corns. Chronic toe irritation, due to the involuted shape of some nails, can be relieved by removing slivers from the edges of the nail. Minor foot deformities may result in areas of increased pressure and the formation of painful thick skin deposits and corns. The skin and corns are removed during the consultation, but these areas of pressure may be offloaded through the fabrication of deflective padding or devices, which will keep the patient much more comfortable between consultations.

Podiatrists are not foot massagers. We have no education or qualification in foot massage. However, at the end of your consultation an emollient cream is applied to moisturise the skin, and a short foot massage is given in the application of this cream. If this part of the consultation is particularly important to you, please mention this to the podiatrist.


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